Zafferano in polvere e pistilli Zaffy

The pleasure of Saffron from powder to pistils, from starters to desserts... and beyond

Zafferano Zaffy alta qualità

The pleasure of Saffron from powder to pistils, from starters to desserts... and beyond

Zaffy is not only a richly nuanced saffron line for your everyday recipes, it is a range of products designed to give your everyday life the good cheer of a saffron touch

Zafferano di alta qualità
The colour and flavour of our high-quality traditional saffron are perfect for the classic recipes of our food culture
Zaffy Zafferano gusto intenso filiera controllata
A special selection with an intense and lively flavour for the most creative and contemporary recipes – yet to be discovered and interpreted!
Zafferano Bio in polvere e pistilli Zaffy
Organic saffron with a delicate flavour, perfect for desserts and fish specialities.
Zaffy linea BIo Biscotti e snack
A completely organic line of sweet and savoury products for your everyday life

The virtues of

Saffron is the spice of good cheer.
Researchers and scientists have been studying its composition for years to safeguard its precious
authenticity by controlling its natural content:




(giving the end bitter note)


(characteristic aromatic principle)

“Crocus Sativo” is a unique and balanced spice that
is part of our food
tradition and evolution.

Le virtù dello

E’ la spezia del buonumore.
Da anni ricercatori e scienziati ne studiano
la composizione per salvaguardarne la preziosa genuinità attraverso il controllo del naturale contenuto di:

CAROTENOIDI (antiossidanti)

PICROCRINA (che conferisce la fine nota amara)

• SAFRANALE (caratteristico principio aromatico)

Dal “Crocus Sativo”, una spezia insostituibile,
con un armonico equilibrio di sapori che ha saputo
entrare nella storia della nostra tradizione alimentare
e scriverne ogni giorno nuove pagine.

The tasting notes of saffron

The unique taste
of good cheer
Thanks to the pistils containing crocine and generating good cheer
profilo sensoriale

The unique rustle of
the sachet

Listen to it and let us know if you can imagine what is going to happen:
Il Gusto dello Zafferano
Fiore dello zafferano
Apri lo zafferano


Quality saffron is velvety soft to the touch, yet crunchy when crumbled in your fingers
Profilo sensoriale

An intense and unmistakable fragrance

The house is soon filled with good cheer as saffron is the spice of happiness and our selections boast the purest and most fragrant quality

An intense
red colour

The colour of the passion we have put into every single moment of the history of our Saffron

A family tradition for three generations

1937, Prato d’Ansidonia, Abruzzo. The Sidoni family courageously began to convert their land to the cultivation of saffron. That is how S.A.Z.A., Società Agricola Zafferano Aquila, Italy’s first saffron production and marketing company, was created. Today, the founders’ passion and care live on in the third family generation, always striving to select the best saffron crops..
Storia Zaffy
Zaffy Zafferno Italiano di alta qualità
Zafferano la storia

Profumo di Giallo

Download the creative saffron book produced by Zaffy
in collaboration with
Il Cucchiaio d'Argento and Fuudly