Zaffy Zafferno Italiano di alta qualità

High-quality Saffron since 1937

Zafferano di alta qualità

Our pistil powder selection in its finest formats

Zafferano Filiera controllat

A special selection of 100%
Krokos Kozanis saffron

Zaffy Zafferano gusto intenso filiera controllata

Hand grown and harvested in Greece
selected and processed in Italy

Zaffy Zafferano Bio

Fine and Organic Saffron Processed in Italy

Zafferano Bio in polvere e pistilli Zaffy

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Zaffy Zafferno Italiano di alta qualità

A complete line of sweet and savoury products

Zaffy linea BIo Biscotti e snack

Whenever and however suits you!

Zaffy the Saffron