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Saffron the prized spice that always accompanies the creativity of those who love to cook with taste. Present in traditional recipes com ally of new chefs, it lends itself to interpretations ranging from appetizers to first courses, from main courses to desserts
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We love saffron and enjoy offering up-and-coming young chefs a space to experiment with their culinary creativity.
The result is innovative recipes, not necessarily complex or difficult ones, which we invite you to try with us.

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All our recipes, for those who want to return to traditional tastes and for those who want to find out how to fill themselves with taste and good cheer. Choose from quick, rich, simple or complex dishes. There is one for every taste, one for every person.

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our grandmothers’ recipe books followed a timeline defined by the changing seasons to make the most of what the season had to offer. The seasons become the cue for a special Zaffy cookbook that we like to share with you.