Zaffy una tradizione di famiglia

From earth to table

Zaffy selects the best Mediterranean and Eastern Saffron crops.

The tradition, which began in the saffron lands of Abruzzo, has continued to the present day and guarantees a high-quality product, processed in Italy and only with controlled and certified procedures that allow us to offer our customers safety and quality.

Processing starts from the unrefined product, the pistils of the flower [Crocus Sativus].

Thanks to these processes that stem from the ancient Abruzzese tradition, our saffron excels in taste and color.

Saffron growing

Saffron is a plant in the genus Crocus of which about 80 species are known.

Crocus Sativus, true Saffron, originates from a bulb about 2 inches in diameter that is well adapted to climates with reduced rainfall.

The largest production areas in the world are in the Middle East, but Asia, North Africa and in areas of southern Europe are also produced.

In Italy, the culture of saffron is due to the cultivation of the Aquilano area, but not only. Sardinia, Sicily and Tuscany are also areas of production of P.D.O. Saffron.

Storia Zaffy
Zaffy Zafferno Italiano di alta qualità
Storia Zaffy

Saffron harvest

The flowers are harvested strictly by hand. Then the pistils are separated from the flower and dried within the shortest possible time at controlled temperatures in order to preserve the valuable qualities. It is the flower’s stigmas that make up the precious spice we all know.

Zaffy imports Saffron pistils only from carefully selected production areas controlled by the sophisticated control methods developed by the University of Milan [Product Certification Process Control], both by our properly selected operators with long experience behind them

Storia Zaffy

Saffron processing

Only Saffron that passes the first controls can be admitted to the next stages of processing and become Zaffy Saffron.

If packaged in sachets, Zaffy undergoes subsequent grinding, sieving, humidification and drying to obtain that precious red powder enclosed in the tissue.

Packing in pistils is no less laborious, as the selection and packing is done exclusively by hand.

For all products, residual moisture control is crucial, both for compliance with regulations and to ensure that the nutritional and organoleptic properties of the product are preserved.

Zaffy Zafferno Italiano di alta qualità
Zaffy chef

Back to tradition

All our recipes, for those who want to back to traditional tastes and for those who want to find out how to fill themselves with taste and good cheer. Choose from quick, rich, simple or complex dishes.
There is one for every taste, one for every people.

Discover the taste of seasonals

our grandmothers’ recipe books followed a timeline defined by the changing seasons to make the most of what the season had to offer. The seasons become the cue for a special Zaffy cookbook that we like to share with you.